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The Association Interlaken Hostels & Adventure has a broad membership drawn from 8 low budget tourist lodgings and 20 leisure and adventure providers for the tourist destination, Interlaken.

Objectives of the association

  • One common brand and shared marketing.
  • Promotion and establishment of Interlaken as a leading destination for backpackers. (No. 1 in Switzerland and within the top 10 in Europe)
  • Reference to the extensive and unique range of budget accommodation, adventure activities and natural beauty of the region.
  • Lobby of tourism organisations and, economic and political bodies,
  • Cooperation among its members.
  • Synergistic development and formation of common structures.

The economic importance of the association and its members

  • In the tourist accommodation market, the 9 hostels generate over 200,000 overnight stays yearly, which is in comparison with the other forms of accommodation in Interlaken (Hotels, Camp sites) over 20% of the total overnight stays.
  • In the leisure and adventure field, over 30 different activities are offered. Among the adventure guests, 47% are backpackers.
  • On the whole, members of the Association Interlaken Hostels & Adventure generate a revenue of over CHF 20 million in the region.

Consequently, Interlaken is one of the leading destinations for youth and adventure tourism in Switzerland and Europe. This is of great significance for tourism as a whole in the region, because if guests learn to know a region as youths or young adults, they will be more likely to return later when they may belong to higher social strata, and can afford superior vacations in star hotels.


All guides of the adventure providers are trained by official authorities. Pilots of Paragliding, Hanggliding and of course airplaines are under the control of the FOCA (Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation); guides in the watersports arena have a basic education certified by the “Swiss Outdoor Association” (SOA). The association guidelines are assembled by certified companies under the title “Safety in Adventures”.